100 Walls

Commissioned for Drawing Codes: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Representation
Hubbell Street Galleries, California College of the Arts, San Francisco


This series of drawings explores the overlap between procedural design processes, conventions of architectural representation, and perceptual multiplicity. One hundred arced walls are arrayed according to an algorithm that allows for both continuity and discontinuity, producing a labyrinthine space within and between the curved walls. This space is conveyed via plan oblique projection and rendered only with line work—14,404 arcs and lines, to be exact. The projection and line work yields an ambiguity between architecture and picture plane, allowing for new, ghostly figures to emerge within the field.

The project rejects the all-too-common use of parametric and computational tools as a superficial, fetishistic accessory to architectural design. Instead, it insists that such workflows be synthesized with intuitive processes and disciplinary conventions in a way that opens up new spatial and perceptual possibilities. The code generates the drawing, but the drawing is more than the code.   


Project Credits:
Adam Marcus