September 17: Opening of exhibition Drawing Attention: The Digital Culture of Contemporary Architectural Drawings, curated by Jeremy Ficca, Amy Kulper, and Grace La at the Roca Gallery in London. The exhibition is open through January 11, 2020 and features a drawing from our 100 Walls series.

September 21: Public launch celebration for the Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, CA.

October 18-19: Adam Marcus presents research from the CCA Performative Ornament seminar at the 2019 Reynolds Symposium: Education By Design at the University of Oregon in Portland.

October 24-26: Adam Marcus exhibits research from the CCA Component/Assembly studios and chairs a panel session at the 2019 ACADIA Conference “Ubiquity & Autonomy” at the University of Texas at Austin.

December 13: Opening of exhibition Experimental Diagramming. Between Spatial Figuration and Abstraction at the Architecture Museum of the Technical University of Berlin. The exhibition is open through February 13, 2020 and features four drawings from our 30 Houses series.

March 2020: Drawing Codes: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Representation, Volume II opens at the Hubbell Street Gallery at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

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